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Every year since 1975, the biggest Blockbuster!

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Do you remember the biggest summer blockbuster of your childhood? There's a list that compiles every summer's domestic box office hit since "Jaws" became the first true summer blockbuster in 1975. 


Here's the first 10, the income is NOT adjusted for inflation:


1975:  "Jaws". $260 million


1976:  "The Omen". $60.9 million


1977:  "Star Wars: A New Hope". $461 million


1978:  "Grease". $190 million


1979:  "The Amityville Horror". $86.4 million


1980:  "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back". $290.5 million


1981:  "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark". $248.2 million


1982:  "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial". $435.1 million


1983:  "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi". $309.3 million


1984:  "Ghostbusters". $242.2 million


These are the 10 most recent...


2013:  "Iron Man 3". $409 million


2014:  "Guardians of the Galaxy". $333.2 million


2015:  "Jurassic World". $652.3 million


2016:  "Finding Dory". $486.3 million


2017:  "Wonder Woman". $412.6 million


2018: "Incredibles 2". $608.6 million


2019:  "The Lion King". $543.6 million  (You know, the CGI "live-action" version.)


2020: "The New Mutants". $23.8 million  (Most movies at this time went straight to streaming because of the pandemic.)


2021:  "Black Widow". $183.6 million


2022:  "Top Gun: Maverick". $718.7 million



You can see the complete list at

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