Weddings changed forever thanks to the pandemic?


The pandemic made many couples change their wedding plans -- sometimes more than once -- during the past two years. And the trend of shifting to smaller ceremonies because of COVID seems like it's something that's here to stay. Kimberly Morrill of Your Perfect Bridesmaid says, "We are seeing a huge shift to more intimate weddings of 80 and under. As more and more couples experience intimate weddings, and their benefits, through their friends and family, I think more and more will choose to go this route in the future."

A smaller wedding is not only a budget saver for the couple -- but also for those not as close to the couple who might attend a larger ceremony. 35% of millennials have overspent on attending bachelor and bachelorette parties, and 30% of them have struggled to afford to attend the weddings themselves. (Mic)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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