This is what you need if you have an Amazon Addict in your life

How many of us are absolutely ADDICTED to ordering from Amazon Prime?

I know I am, and so is my wife! Amazon has completely take over the world when it comes to online shopping, and their option to have packages delivered as soon as the next day, makes people even crazier for Amazon.

However, this Woman took things to another level.Fox Newsshared the story of Nina and her son, Kane who is celebrating his 24th Birthday. Nina says Kane has been ordering NON STOP off Amazon during the pandemic, so she figured the best way to celebrate would be with a custom Amazon Prime Box Themed Birthday Cake! Nina owns her own bakery, so this was a perfect idea. The cake looks SO realistic, Kane was convinced he was just receiving another package at his front door. Nina even went as far as serving the cake on a fake concrete slab to really give it a realistic look!